Murder: Alain Chapo killed by his spouse for homosexual jealousy

We know a little more about the murder of Alain Chapo. The famous Ivorian hairdresser was found stabbed to death at his home on the night of Monday 05 to Tuesday 06 February 2018. The first suspect of the assassination is none other than the spouse of Alain Chapo. The suspect was not found until his arrest last Friday by the Police called Mr Veh Narcisse. The latter was arrested at the home of relatives who live in Abobo.

Police had no problem catching the suspect. The alleged assassin very quickly falls into the trap set by the police. Indeed it is a police officer who passed himself off as a homosexual in love with the suspect who allowed the arrest. Once at the police station, Veh Narcisse recognizes the murder of his partner Alain Chapo. He explains to investigators that he committed murder out of jealousy. He says: “Alain Chapo told me he wanted to end our relationship. I wanted to see each other to discuss it. This is how we ended up at his place. But he did not want to listen to reason. And there, I was blinded by jealousy and anger. And the irreparable happened ”.

Today the family of the victim is in mourning and several actors in the fashion world continue to pay tribute to the hairdresser.

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