Black Belt: Master Gims finally launches the release date


“Black Belt” will be officially released on March 23, 2018, it is Maître Gims himself who gives the info on his Instagram account. The Congolese singer is launching his third studio album. Black Belt will be released on Play Two, the TF1 label. We all remember the clash between Dawala, the boss of the Wati B label and Maître Gims who was at the origin of their separation in December 2016. Moreover, one of the titles of the album “Marabout” sounds like a settling of scores between the singer and Dawala. Even if Master Gims does not cite a name in his words, it is very obvious that Dawala was the person targeted. After the single “Marabout ” released in May 2017, were released “Chameleon" in December 2017 and  My Gna  back in January 2018.

When asked if he was planning to do another featuring with his little brother Dadju Maître Gims answers: "Yes, most certainly, as in all the previous albums, it's natural"

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