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Rumors: Ferre Gola would prepare a Featuring with JB Mpiana


Ferre Gola would have visited JB Mpiana and a featuring would be preparing between the two Congolese singers.

According to the Congolese site, Ferre Gola would have met Blanchard Mosaka and the two would have greeted each other in front of the cameras. While the artist was with Papa Chéri, the spokesperson for Wenge BCBG spoke to journalists. “Ferre Gola told me that the single he is preparing with Papa Chéri,… ..oups, why did I say that?” He said, pretending a little. JB Mpiana is very close to the former musicians of Wenge Musica Maison Mère such as Ferre Gola and Heir Watanabe. The latter had played during the concert closing the fiftieth anniversary of Bin Adam.

The featuring of JB Mpiana and Ferre Gola will undoubtedly be released with the album “Balle de macth” in 2019.


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