Booba “Rap is no longer an end in itself”


Booba the undisputed boss of French rap makes the cover of Inrockuptibles from this week. In an interview with the magazine, Booba looks back on his career as an artist and his position as a businessman. The rapper of Senegalese origin, thus speaks without language of wood about his future as a rapper. Indeed, at the height of his 41 years, he announces the imminent end of his career as a rapper with a last album. But, a fine businessman that he is, he says he will still be in the game even at 60 years old. He declares in the columns of the Inrockuptibles that: “Rap is no longer an end in itself. Ideally, I would like to make one last record and quit. If it turns out, I'll be releasing songs my whole life. Even at 60, I think I will continue. I come to an age where I want to create for other artists. I no longer see music except through myself. ” 

As you can see, Booba has come to a point where creating artists is more important than taking the microphone. The longevity of his career lies in the fact that the rapper very quickly understood that he could not limit himself to just making music. The French rap star has launched his TV channel, his clothing brand, his radio, his music label and his sports management company.

Today Booba commands and deserves everyone's respect. Few of the rappers of his generation have had such success. Besides, he says it himself: “I feel like I've stepped through time like a Highlander and watched all of my competition die. Out of all the guys I have seen featuring during my career, how many are still standing? Longevity is so rare, whether in painting, literature or sport… ”

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