UNUSUAL: Nigerian man marries his sex doll


A man who marries a sex doll in Africa: You could think of an April Fool's joke only it's February. And yes, it's real, it was in Nigeria that the wedding was celebrated. The man who answers by the first name of davecat decided to marry a sex doll he bought on the internet. The man claims he fell in love with his doll right after they first had sex. For him, Sidore Kuroneko, is not just a sex doll, he considers her his wife. The most amazing thing about the story is that Davecat has another doll who is his mistress.

He states that: “It happened around the time I first opened his crate. I was immediately stunned by her natural beauty, and after collecting myself mentally, pulling her out of her crate, and sitting her on the couch, I just held her in my arms for a while. It was so normal and natural, if you'll pardon the pun. It seemed completely normal to me to treat something that looked like an organic woman the same way I would treat an actual organic woman. “

We will not fail to inform you the day when a baby will be born from this union (Riire)

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Written by BBLACK staff

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