DJ Arafat still jealous of Debordo Leekunfa


It's not a secret, DJ Arafat is not a fan of the success of Debordo Leekunfa. The boss of the Yôrôgang who proclaims himself the king of Coupé-Décalé endures Debordo more and more badly. The latter who signed a contract of 50.000.000 CFA francs with Sangare Group, has been preparing his concert for a while. As during his first concert in Abidjan in 2013, Debordo chooses the date of March 31. Everything was going according to plan until DJ Afarat announced a concert on the same date.

Always wanting to ascend his supremacy, DJ Arafat embarks on a great challenge. To justify the choice of this date for his concert, he says: “This is to allow all my Yopougon fans who were unable to participate in my recent concerts to see me live. ” But we will all understand, he chose this date because he is jealous of Debordo. Moreover, he argues that he “I like fighting and when there is no fighting I get bored ”. It remains to be seen whether he will emerge victorious from this fight. Lamine Sangare Managing Director of Sangare Group also says he likes the challenge. He said: “It's next Saturday March 31, I'll show what I'm really capable of.”

For the moment we know the place of the concert of Debordo : Palace of Culture in Treichville. But for Afarat we are still waiting to know where it will occur.

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Written by BBLACK staff

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