Booba wants to create a new label “Sept Corp”


Booba no longer stops embarking on new projects. The boss of French rap who already owns brands of (clothes, whiskey, perfume), a media and a sports management agency wants to launch a new label called Sep Corp. 41-year-old Senegalese-born rapper announces the launch of his new lebel Sep Corp in an interview with the magazine Les Inrockuptibles. The goal of his new project, according to him, is to discover and make known new talents in music. After is not limited only to rap, he says he is ready to sign all artists regardless of their musical genre.

"But I'm coming to an age where I want to create for other artists. I no longer see music solely through myself. That's why I launched a new label (Sept Corp) to look for the talents of tomorrow, regardless of the musical style. We will try to develop good artists of all genres. If tomorrow you're country playing and you're good, I'll sign you. "

As you can see, Booba is a businessman who sees opportunities before others, because he has surely felt that there are many new talents outside of rap who are only looking to be produced. His new lebel is thus on track to be a great success.

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