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Music - Black Panther - Baaba Maal “We couldn't even imagine that it was recorded in Dakar”


Baaba Maal the famous Senegalese singer talks about the choice of his music in Black Panther. He has indeed lent his voice to a film that has never ceased to break records since its release. Part of the film's success would surely lie in the choice of traditional African sounds. Ludwig Göransson the person in charge of creating the music of Black Panther declares: ”I took a month off and I went to Senegal […] I connected with this artist Baaba Maal and I traveled with him while he was on tour. After that, I was able to walk into a studio and record amazing musicians for weeks. ”

In an interview with the Senegalese media, Seneweb, Baaba Maal tells us how her voice landed in the movie. He explains to us how he worked with Ludwig Göransson. He reveals that the latter accompanied him for ten days in remote villages of Senegal where he was on tour. Baaba Maal says he doesn't see himself as "a superhero" despite lending his voice to the hit movie. However, he adds that: “When I listened to the music at the end […] we could not even imagine that everything was recorded in Dakar, in a small studio”.

It should be remembered that Black Panther is not the only film in which the Senegalese singer has participated. We hear his beautiful voice in several African and American films.

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