Viviane Chidid succeeds in her first concert at the Zénith in Paris

It was a big challenge, but Viviane Chidid the queen of the Djolof Band succeeded in her first concert at the Zenith of Paris. The Senegalese star of Mbalax was at the Zénith de Paris on Saturday March 10 for a concert in honor of World Women's Day. The singer thus had to, for her first big Parisian evening, live up to the expectations of the public.

The Senegalese Diva took up the challenge well in a packed room. She offered to the public present at the concert, a hot show boiling in a beautiful Senegalese rhythmic atmosphere. Many artists were also at the rendezvous: Youssou Ndour, Barack Adama, S.Pri Black, Adiouza....

Driven by the success of her concert at the Zenith, the singer told journalists from the Observer “It gave me the courage to go further. My next challenge will be Bercy, please God."

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Written by BBLACK staff

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