Werrason “60 million views on YouTube, but nothing in real life”


Guest of the radio of the group of the future, Werason tackle some singers who he says are buying views on YouTube.

Living legend of African music Werrason doesn't understand how Congolese artists get up to 60 million views on YouTube and don't make a lot of money. According to the King of the Forest it is more logical, when it is the French artists of Congolese origin such as Keblack, Naza or even Hiro, which get millions of views. He states that: “There are other Congolese who have 60 million views on YouTube, but nothing in real life.” He adds that “At 60 million views, you must have at least something.” Werrason is among those who believe that buying YouTube views ruins the careers of young artists.

Some people think that the King of the Forest's declaration is aimed at Fally Ipupa which boasts of its millions of views on YouTube.

What do you think ?

Written by BBLACK staff

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