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Rihanna Loses Snapchat App Nearly $ 800 Million


Definitely, we must not provoke the anger of Rihanna. Snapchat had the bad idea to launch a game that the American RnB star did not like. We all know that the Snapchat app has been heavily criticized since its last update. Riri's recent statements are not going to help matters.

Snapchat had launched a game where it asked Internet users to make a choice: “Would you rather slap Rihanna or hit Chris Brown?”. 

The singer outraged by these words was quick to tackle the application. She even called for a boycott of the social network: “Snapchat, you know you're not my favorite app, but I'm trying to figure out all this mess. I'd like to tell myself it's ignorance, but I know you're not that stupid. You spent money to create something that would shame all victims of domestic violence (…) Shame on you. Throw all your excuses in the trash ”.

Snapchat authorities have reportedly apologized to the ex Chris Brown. But the statements of Riri would have lost nearly 800 million dollars to the company on the stock market according to a report by CNN. The application, which has been very successful since its inception, is currently going through very difficult times.

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