DJ Afarat would risk between 6 months and 5 years in prison


The Ivorian star Dj Arafat is a regular in the buzz. He always knew how to get out of complicated situations. But this time, the boss of the Yôrôgang is in a very bad position. The affair between the artist and the Nai family is playing a bad trick on the first city. With his March 31 concert approaching, such a case is bad publicity. The family of young Marc Nai want justice to be done.

As a reminder, Dj Arafat had beaten the young Marc Nai who was then one of his proteges. The incident happened in front of the cameras. The young man had undergone a correction while lying on the ground. The Yoro had justified his action by evoking that the young man had consumed drugs.

After this incident, the singer would have refused to appear in court despite several reminders. According to judicial sources "The judge in charge of this case will harden his tone if the boss of the YoroGang does not appear in court on Friday, March 30. He will issue a warrant against Influenmento "Knowing that his big concert is scheduled for March 31 at the BAE Stadium in Yopugon, a refusal to appear before the authorities could cause the cancellation of the concert.

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