Puff Daddy wants to launch an app for black businesses


In 2017, Puff Daddy becomes the musician artist who won the most money in front of Jay Z et Drake. The rapper who just appeared on the cover of the famous American magazine GQ, is well known for his commitment to black causes. As Naomi Campbell, Beyonce, or Jay-Z, Diddy continues to promote the black community with the hashtag #blackExcellence. In a long interview with the magazine GQ, he reveals his desire to change opinion about blacks.

To the question, what still motivates him after all the money all the notoriety he has today? He answers :“I want to be a genuine and relentless warrior for black culture and street culture. (…) The thing that interests me the most is changing the narrative around the black race. I'm only interested in that. ". To achieve this ideal Diddy has an idea. Indeed he wishes to develop an application which makes it possible to identify and geolocate businesses owned by blacks or which are “black-friendly ”. He specifies “We will always go to Chinatown. We will buy Gucci again! But this app will allow us to have an economic community. The goal is for blacks to gain economic power. (…) We are waging a psychological war. But the difference is, we're not trying to hurt anyone. (…) It's a war for us to love ourselves. "

The rapper wants to be clear and precise. He does not seek to hurt anyone, his goal is to promote the economy of the black community. For the moment the name and the launch date are not yet known.

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Written by BBLACK staff

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