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Celine Dion: ill for a few days she will be operated

Suffering from hearing impairment, Celine Dion had already canceled several of his future concerts. The latest news on his state of health does not reassure his fans. Surgery is indeed necessary to improve his condition.

Guest of the Canadian channel LCN, singer Claudette Dion's sister tried to reassure fans. “She is well surrounded, she is so intelligent in heart and mind. I don't have any crisp details… She's in good hands. So far, she's doing well, but it's still going on on a daily basis… ” says Claudette. She adds ” “Her first quality is that she is a generous girl and when you realize that you can no longer receive your world, it must bechirant ”.

For the moment this is the information we have on the state of the Canadian star. While waiting for more news, his many fans are a little more reassured.

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