Maître Gims ready to publicly remove his glasses if ...

master Gims and his sunglasses, it's a love story. The Congolese artist never shows himself publicly without his famous glasses. He always kept the mystery around his glasses that never leave him. In an interview with Le Parisien media, the big brother of Dadju returned to his mythical glasses. He explains what his glasses mean to him. “It's certainly a style, but above all a protection. When I take them off, they don't recognize me. I am happy to have managed to preserve this ” .

He adds “It was not intentional at the start! In truth, I am shy. With that, I'm not afraid of people's eyes. But the truth is, they don't want me to take them off because that will break something. ” More “If that happens, it will be for the cinema. I would like to do it one day. Have a role in Avengers, X-Men, as Omar Sy ” he concluded.

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