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Concert March 31: Dj Arafat will offer 5% of his income to orphans and widows ”

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Dj Arafat presumably followed the advice of the Prophetess Blessed Martha. Visiting the NGO Minoge this Thursday, March 29, the artist made a statement that will make people happy. The boss of Yorogang indeed announced: “I take the decision to donate 5% of my fees to the NGO Minoge. This, as support for widows and orphans ”. Beerus Sama wanted by this action, to help orphans and widows. He thus follows the advice of the highly respected Christian and founder of the NGO Minoge Bénie Marthe.

As a reminder, she had recently let it be known that: “God asks Arafat Dj to work a lot for the happiness of widows and orphans. He must assist these people because they need him ”. Before adding “In this conflict between Arafat Dj and the Nai family, the artist has the means to get out of it. Arafat Dj will be okay. But the devil is wagging his tail. His enemies want to overthrow him. And, if he is not careful, this case risks his death. "

Dj Arafat like a good boy followed this advice to the delight of orphans and widows.

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