Samuel Eto'o did not appreciate the April Fools of “Jeune Afrique” and “France 24”

Samuel Eto'o did not digest the joke of the magazine Young Africa. The latter had announced the footballer's desire to stand for the Cameroonian presidential election. Although, this announcement is simply imaginary. Young Africa had, in fact, published a fictitious interview this Sunday, April 1, in which Eto'o declared his candidacy for the Cameroonian presidential elections.

The Cameroonian wasted no time denying the false information. On his Facebook page he wanted to respond to Young Africa et France 24 who had shared the information.



Madame, Monsieur,

Following the articles published in your online editions of April 1, 2018, I inform you that I wish to exercise my right of reply.

Indeed, I believe that the comments made against me undermine my honor and convey many unhealthy allusions.

Consequently, I would be grateful if you would publish the following corrective press release as soon as possible:

*Tune in*

_Under the titles “I dream of the presidency as Julius Caesar dreamed of Rome.” "Samuel Eto'o presidential candidate" and taking advantage of an age-old tradition linked to April 1, some "journalists" published this Sunday in their online editions, a fictitious interview on a supposed desire on my part to present myself to the Cameroonian presidential election 2018._

_In view of what has been written, it appears that they wanted to surf on two elements to generate an unhealthy effect of buzz: The recent election of my dear eldest, His Excellency Georges Weah as President of the Republic of Liberia and the notoriety that I have hard acquired over the years in the practice of football._

_But this hoax is harmful both in form and substance._

_In terms of form, As a Cameroonian I am deeply respectful of the institutions of my country and those who embody them. I therefore believe that the 2018 presidential election in Cameroon and the exercise of the supreme office are very important so that we can talk about it with so much lightness. More seriously, the authors of this farce evoke the Anglophone crisis to mock it. A situation that causes daily desolation and mourning in my country._

_As far as substance is concerned, both with regard to the unhealthy references to the first lady of Cameroon, to my wife or to my “relationship” to the management of power and relations with my elders; I believe that the comments attributed to my modest person under the guise of a supposed joke are absolutely reductive and denote a total lack of respect on the part of their authors who would understand that in 2017 I would have declared "having always dreamed of do politics” by specifying that “the long-awaited moment is finally here!”._
_Finally, I remember that these “media” took the opportunity to spread the substance of their thoughts on Cameroon!_

*Samuel Eto'o Son*

Otherwise, I reserve the right to take legal action for defamation.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best regards.

*Samuel Eto'o Son*

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Written by BBLACK staff

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