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Naza releases his new music video “Viano”


As a good Congolese, Naza is a singer who is very inspired by Ndombolo. His latest album “Incroyable”, crowned gold record, is an example of the success he is enjoying. Indeed, the Franco-Congolese artist has imposed his style of rap which is very much inspired by Congolese music. This allowed him, moreover, to see his title MMM (Mouiller le Maillot et Mailler) to be certified gold single.

His latest clip “Viano” released today, is in a different style from the one we knew it. Let's say we don't feel the Ndombolo borrowing on this track “Viano”. That said, fans seem to love the sound, although others prefer Naza in a rhythm Ndombolo


After all, everyone has their own opinion, so make up your own mind by watching the clip below.

What do you think ?

Written by BBLACK staff

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