FEMUA 11: The 2018 edition, things are getting clearer


Things are getting clearer for the 11th edition of the Urban Music Festival of Anoumabo (FEMUA). Communication on the artists' alopecia areata announced on the shores of the Ebrié lagoon is in full swing.
Billboards, flags of the city of Abidjan, radio spot, the 11th edition of the FEMA will be held from April 17 to 22, 2018 in Abidjan. This new number of the festival will be organized around the theme: “African Youth and Illegal Immigration”, announces the General Commission.
Among the artists who came from outside we count pele mèle, the French singer Soprano, Dub Inc, the nigerian Yemi Alade, the Congolese Lokoua Kanza, the Malians Sidiki Diabate, M'Bouille Koité, the Beninese Zeynab and Burkinabé Bil Aka Kora. On the local side, we note: luckson clumsy, Kedjevara, The Leaders, Dobet Gnahoré, Sidonie La Tigresse, Guy Christ Israel.

Huge and evolving project, the FEMA was born in 2008 at the initiative of Salif Traoré, vocal lead of the group Magic System and General Commissioner of the said festival. May the party be beautiful.

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