Fally Ipupa “I fell in love with a young African singer girl”

The Congolese star Fally IPUPA reportedly made shocking revelations to Kinshasa News. He would have said this:

A few years ago.
I had fallen in love with a young African singer girl whom I will not name.
I told her about my feelings for her and she replied, I'll tell you exactly what she told me, she said:
- “Fally, you are a handsome man, you are independent, you earn a good living, you are my kind of man but to be sincere with you, putting me in a relationship with you will tire you because i am focused on my career musical and I'm not ready to think of a Man now ”.

These days we have seen each other, it has succeeded, it fills rooms with more than 40.000 seats, its music is known by all, it is in great demand in countries for performances.

She apologized because she thought she had hurt me by pushing me off quite the opposite.
At the beginning I really liked his sincerity and his frankness. Today when I see her, what can I say, I am very, very proud of her, she has made her dream come true.

This is how each of us must react these days.
Be sincere with people, especially be sincere with ourselves.
We accept certain romantic relationships where we are in it just so as not to be alone and inevitably one of us suffers because one of us is not invested in the relationship, all that must stop.
Let us be sincere in order to move forward better.
If this is the sex you want, say it clearly.
If it's the money you want, say it clearly.
If it's not in your priority to get into a relationship, say that clearly too.
That way everyone knows their place and that prevents the other from loving you too much to then suffer, it's unpleasant.
It's better to tell the truth, than to pretend in a relationship that plagues you both.

We would have liked to know which artist Fally was in love with.

What do you think ?

Written by BBLACK staff

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