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Alpha Baba the son of the famous Guinean artist Sékouba Bambino resurfaces!

After the release of his first album "The roots of my dreams" , Alpha Baba the son of the famous artist Guinean Sekouba Bambino member of the emblematic group AFRICANDO resurfaces with a new musical project.

Author, composer, singer and arranger, Alpha Baba is a true little genius of music. Very meticulous in his work, Baba makes himself known with the song "Irafama" which means in Soussou , (language of the lower coast, a region of its country of origin Guinea) " I love you ". In the clip, we see him put himself in the scene with a very beautiful to whom he declares all his love. Then will follow Yo Miss et Annatto two flagship tracks from his album.


The man on a crutch, as he is called by his group of friends, returns with the song "Too abused" which also speaks of love on notes of Kora.

This clip will surely appeal to fans of acoustic music. We leave you are beautiful clip below

Par Sidy tra

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