Dadju quotes the artists who inspired him (Papa Wemba, Akon, Justin Bieber ...)


One of the best musicians of his generation, Dadju does not stop growing in power. Indeed, his album "Gentleman 2.0" opened the doors to success for him. Her title “Queen” which totals more than 123 million views on YoutTube is a tube that revealed it to the general public. Very talented, Dadju has conquered the hearts of young girls with titles that speak very often of love. His latest clip Bob Marley which speaks of love, more than 43 million views on YouTube in just one month.

Guest of Mouloud Achour, in the show Click, the little brother of master Gims returned to the artists who inspired him in his career as a musician. Like any good Congolese, he declares to be influenced by Papa Wemba et Koffi Olomide before quoting the Senegalese-American star Akon. To our surprise, Dadju adds the young canadian Justin Bieber to his list. But after all it makes a lot of sense, because Justin Bieber and the Gentleman 2.0 are known to be true “Lovers”.

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Written by BBLACK staff

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