King Abdoulaye makes his re-entry into African charters at 5 years old

king abdoulaye

Showbiz is at home a matter of heritage in the family of King Abdoulaye. From a producer father, and a mother from the same field, the 5-year-old boy grew up with a big brother who, like him, started very quickly in song. 

Inspired by Balla Moussa 7 years his senior (concert record holder in his category in Guinea) and member of the father's production house, King Abdoulaye, has in turn become since this morning the new recruit of the house Benedi records (successful production house and show organizer). 

5 years old, and tall as three apples, King Abdoulaye released their first single titled "Fari Motorcycle" meaning "on the motorcycle" to a dance-hall beat. 

Good luck to this little hope of African music. 

Par Sidy tra

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Written by BBLACK staff

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