Serge Beynaud launches “Serge Beynaud Foundation”


It was on May 4 that the grand launch of the Ivorian artist's foundation took place at the Hôtel Ivoire Palace. Serge Beynaud "Serge Beynaud Foundation".

Accompanied by his faithful wife and many handpicked guests that the artist launched in a speech in which he explains having always wanted to create this foundation. Taking the same example on Martin Luther King, Serge explains that he had a dream and that dream has finally come true.

Feeling responsible for this Ivorian youth that he finds largely abandoned, he sets himself the goal of giving the most needy among them a chance. The latter, through the foundation, will follow programs in agriculture, IT, aesthetics and recyclables.

Beautiful initiatives that we will follow closely, force to "Serge Beynaud Foundation"

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