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Accused of sexism, a petition launched against the Niska concert

In a short time Niska has become one of the best rappers in French rap. With his hit “networks”, he placed himself among the best sellers of French music. But if his success is undeniable today, some think that the rapper's words are sexist and misogynistic.

While the rapper is due to perform this Saturday, June 16 in the town of Ivry in Île-de-France, some feminist associations have launched a petition for the cancellation of the concert. According to a collective of municipal agents, the songs of the French rapper of Congolese origin are "sexist and violent towards women".

However, despite the petition, the mayor of Ivry made a statement in favor of the rapper. “On Saturday evening in particular, we are more aimed at young audiences. I can regret that certain forms of rap and certain expressions appeal to young people so much, but I can also testify that all the kids in Ivry, especially teenagers and college students, are crazy at the prospect of Niska's coming and call out to me. in the streets to tell me it's great, including kids I know whose family values ​​aren't sexist or male domination at all. " he declares.

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