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Booba clash Rohff, Kaaris and La Fouine in his new clip “Gotham”


Yesterday Monday, June 18, Booba uploaded his latest clip “Gotham” in which he clashes with the main rivals Rohff, Kaaris and La Fouine.

Even though he was teased on Instagram, “Gotham”, the new B2O clip surprised fans with its release. Indeed, despite many teasers, no release date has been given. In the clip, Booba demonstrated originality. We see him with a Batman costume driving a batmobile in search of the bad guys; and all in cartoon style. Still in the clip, we can see Rohff, Kaaris et The Fool in front of a sex shop before having his head cut off by a Batarang launched by Booba.

For fans of Booba, “Gothem” will be a fun clip to watch. But for fans of his rivals I'm not sure they'll appreciate the fate of their artist in the clip. Look!!

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Written by BBLACK staff

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