Rihanna and Maître Gims featuring in the title “Fuentes”

The rumor of the collaboration between Rihanna and Master Gims had been circulating for some time. This is finally confirmed.

Rihanna is arguably one of the most influential female artists in the world. All singers dream of a duet with her. master Gims just had the privilege of singing with the American Diva. The information of this collaboration has, in fact, been confirmed by one of Rihanna's agents who announced it on Instagram. According to this same source, the title of the song will be called "Sources".

At the moment we have no additional information on this future collaboration. But what is certain is that Maître Gims is crossing yet another milestone with this duo with Rihanna.

It should be remembered that the best record seller in France already has great achievements to his credit since he recently collaborated with Lil Wayne, French Montana et P.Diddy.

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Written by BBLACK staff

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