Niska says she is ready for a featuring with Damso


Niska could soon feature with Belgian Congolese rapper Damso.

With already great feats to his credit thanks to his duets with, master Gims, Booba or even Dadju, Niska could collaborate with Damso in the coming days. The 24-year-old rapper makes the revelation to us during the Mawazine festival in Morocco. Him and Damso were, in fact, to occur during this festival. But a few hours before going on stage, Niska answered journalists' questions. Asked if he could collaborate with Damso, he replies: “As long as I like the sound… If I send him a song and the song likes him, why not”.

Even if for the moment nothing indicates that the collaboration will be done, a duo Niska/Damso would be really heavy.

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Written by BBLACK staff

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