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Rapper Xxxtentacion's “SAD” music video raises doubts about his death


XXTentacion's new clip “SAD” raises questions about the death of the young rapper.

Posted yesterday, “SAD”, ​​the last clip of XXXTentacion is unveiled ten days after the assassination of its author. The rapper has, in fact, entirely imagined this video which stages his own funeral. In less than 24 hours, “SAD” recorded more than 26 million views on YouTube. Which ranks the clip among the most viewed videos of all time on YouTube in 24 hours.

In the six-minute video, the young rapper is seen walking into a church where a coffin containing his corpse is placed. It is actually his double. The double finally wakes up and engages him in a very violent fight. This premonitory posthumous video raised several questions about the rapper's death. Some even go so far as to evoke conspiracy theories. On twitter several people think that the death of XXXTentacion is a staging and that the clip “SAD” is the proof.

Coincidence or plot, the clip announces in a rather creepy way the future death of the young 20-year-old rapper. We let you judge for yourself

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