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DJ Arafat and Debordo Leekunfa bury the hatchet

The two eternal rivals of the offbeat coupé DJ Arafat and Debordo Leekunfa met at the restaurant.

To the great pleasure of their fans, DJ Arafat et Debordo Leekunfa have finally reconciled. On a video posted by Life Magazine Côte d'Ivoire, we see the two artists on the terrace of a cafe in Paris chatting like good friends.

"We decided, Tanguy (Overflow) and I, to bury the hatchet. The country has been shown that two enemies can be reconciled. But, we weren't really enemies. We are not the enemy at the base. But, I don't want to go into detail. There, the way you see us here, the Cut Offset is at peace. Those who want to be with us are with us. Those who are not with us are not with us. But, we, we want everyone to be with us ”, declares Arafat DJ who teases himself with Debordo on the payment of the addition of their consumption.

So a buzz strategy or a real reconciliation? Only time will tell.

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Written by BBLACK staff

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