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Rihanna could be reconciled soon with Chris Brown


Between Rihanna and Chris Brown, it's really a very complicated love story. The first cited would feel the lack of her ex-boyfriend.

Even if Rihanna has been very discreet about her love life for some time, the rumors are still there. Indeed, rumors about the relationship between Riri et Chris Brown dates back to 2006. This being the case, it will not be until 2008 that the couple like to appear publicly. But in 2009 the couple separated following the assault of Chris Brown on his girlfriend. This is obviously the end of their relationship. In 2012 they reconcile before Riri decides to separate definitively from her man.

However, according to Hollywood Life, Riri recently changed her mind and would like Chris to be present in her life again. A source close to the rapper is said to have said: “Rihanna recently changed her mind about Chris. And would like to be more present in his life. She would like to talk to him more and rebuild their friendship. But first she wants to make sure that all of her friends as well as Chris know it won't go any further. She is only looking for friendship because she misses him and her sense of humor too. ".

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