Nicolas Batum “all fuck yourselves”


The Franco-Cameroonian basketball player Nicolas Batum has just made a statement that is causing a lot of controversy.

 Nicolas Batum probably disagrees with those who say that if France won the World Cup it is thanks to Africa. Indeed after the victory of France several people including music stars like Diddy welcomed the contribution of Africans of origin.

Batum did not appreciate the fact that France's victory is associated with Africa, its continent of origin. He also wanted to let it know by posting this on Twitter: "Sorry for my language but the people who say 'bravo Africa for your victory' are all going to fuck you. I proudly wear the blue jersey with "France" written in large, I have won trophies and medals with the France team since I was 15, I sing La Marseillaise, I shout loudly that I am French when I am in the USA. So I have a close and a Cameroonian name, but we all fight and play for France because we were born here, grew up here, learned our sport in France, we are proud to have French nationality. "

Very criticized after this statement, he wanted to explain:

What is certain is that Nicolas Batum will not win the hearts of Cameroonians, nor those of Africans, with such remarks, even if he calls himself Franco-Cameroonian.

What do you think?

What do you think ?

Written by BBLACK staff

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