The influence of the "dislike" button could be limited by Youtube. The goal of this initiative is to fight against “haters” who maliciously hate videos, in order to reduce their reach.

This was announced on January 29 in a video, by one of the project management directors, named Tom Leung, on the platform's “Creator Insider” channel. He detailed the options discussed internally.

YouTube is considering several solutions. The first would be to be able hide the number of likes and dislikes of a video. It wouldn't stop users from clicking the thumbs but no one except the videographer would know how many liked and how many disliked the content.

The second solution is to set up a small window that would appear when you dislike a video. Users would be asked why they put a thumbs down: is it because they don't like the channel in general, was the information in the video not enough? Such a system already exists on YouTube. When you no longer wish to see content in the list of content suggested by the platform, you must select a reason from a few proposals.

All these options have so far only been “lightly discussed” and Tom Leung insists that if none are satisfactory, the system in place will remain so until a better idea is found.

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Written by JenJam

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