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PORTRAIT - Soraia Ramos

Soraia ramos is a singer of Cape Verdean origin. She was born in Portugal, more precisely in Zambujal where she lived until the age of 13 before moving with her family to France and finally alone in Switzerland. At home, music is a family affair, she has been singing since she was a child with her little brother. Despite his stuttering, she perseveres and decides in Switzerland to register for tele-hook in 2009 “Vozes da Diaspora” where she comes in 4th position.

Thanks to this experience, Soraia understands that the song is what she wants to do and the field in which she wants to evolve.

She then began to produce many covers in English, Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole where she was sometimes accompanied by her little brother. Lisandro Cuxi (Winner of season 6 of The Voice France). 

But it is with the resumption of the title “Bo tem mel” by Nelson Freitas and C4 Pedro vu more than 100 times in a few months that Soraia Ramos begins to have a little notoriety. 

She then launched her solo career in 2014 with an EP “Um poco de mim” of 5 Portuguese titles which made a bit of noise in Portugal and as well as in Portuguese-speaking countries. It is a real turning point in his career because these are his first solo songs and those which will allow him to make a name for himself in the world of music.

Over the years, Soraia Ramos directed many other successful singles.

But it is in summer 2019 that the singer will know her real first hit in her country of origin: Cape Verde thanks to her title “Bay".

On June 17, 2019, she released her first title in Cape Verdean Creole “Bai” which was an immediate success. He enters the Cape Verdean charts rankings and also on Itunes. Throughout the summer, the title passed through all Cape Verdean radios but also in the other Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa. Soraia Ramos is therefore launching a tour of the festivals of the same name as his hit “Bai” in Europe, Africa and America in order to promote it.

Following this success, she continues with a new sound entitled: “I Love You Too” featuring with Gson. A song that once again meets success and counts 2,4 million views on Youtube after only a month.

Through her career, Soraia Ramos shows that perseverance always pays off and that music is a dream within everyone's reach.

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