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Drake, booed at an American festival!

The weekend of November 9-10, the American festival "Camp Flog Gnaw" took place, organized by singer Tyler The Creator's.

The singer decides to invite the famous rapper Drake to perform at the festival.

But his presence will not have the desired effect because when he arrives, he is booed by the public who wanted to see Frank Ocean in his place ...

Humiliated and unable to finish his show because of the screams, Drake decides to stop his performance altogether and leave the stage!

An event that did not fail to react to the organizer of this festival, Tyler The Creator's, he did not hesitate to change his Twitter biography by writing “Embarrassed by my fans at the moment. "

As for Drake, following this failed performance, he did not hesitate to taunt the regulars of the Festival by posting a photo accompanied by the following caption: "Turnaround ... I have just signed a contract to perform for 10 years at the festival , sorry children, you will see me every year until you turn 30! "

It's up to him to see if he's ready to take the risk of being booed every year ...

What do you think ?

Written by BBLACK staff

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