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As Christmas approaches, West Indian traditions are in the spotlight and more particularly: Sang Nwel.
Chanté Nwel is a West Indian tradition that takes place just before the New Years Eve celebrations in Guadeloupe and Martinique where people gather to sing Christmas carols.
This tradition can take place in rooms, with family or friends. This celebration, which dates back to slavery, consists of singing French songs with West Indian rhythms and bringing people together.

The Chanté Nwel appears during the period of slavery while the African slaves are forced to follow a Catholic religion, a Roman culture and to be baptized, they will then set up in the greatest secrecy a system opposite to that which imposed on them. One mixed between African culture and Creole songs that will create over the centuries theWest Indian identity and culture.

This celebration will over the years become anchored in the West Indian tradition in which the entire population participates today with Christmas fast approaching! A real moment of sharing and conviviality.









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