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The American singer is back after a year of absence, with a new title “Heartless“. Released on the night of November 26 to 27, The Weeknd made his big surprise comeback, without much promotion.
He had foreshadowed this famous comeback a few days ago, with a tweet in which he said “When does fall end? I'm curious…”To which his fans had directly alluded to a comeback on his part, the fall being the period of predilection for the singer who is used to releasing his songs during this period. He also deleted all of his photos from his Instagram account to announce his imminent return.
For the moment no clip from him, quite simply the audio of the title available on Youtube as well as on all legal download platforms. A title that will certainly be part of the playlist BBLACK !

What do you think of the new title of The Weeknd? Top or flop ?








What do you think ?

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