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It's the big comeback of the R&B group Destiny's Child ! At least almost ...
The former manager of the group Matthew knowles, the father of the international singer Beyoncé, decided to release the new album of Destiny's Child, 15 years after their last.
This album is made up of songs recorded when the band was still called “Girl's Tyme” and Beyoncé was just 10 years old.
But did Beyoncé give her approval for the release of this album? This is the question we ask ourselves, given that the singer is cold with her father for a few years, having even decided to fire him as manager of his solo career in 2011. She also did not attend his wedding to his new wife in 2013 after learning that he had had two more children while he was 'he was married to his mother.
Approval or not, his father has all the rights to release this album, being the manager of Destiny's Child… Whether his daughter likes it or not, he intends to bring Destiny's Child up to date.

What do you think ? Happy with Destiny's Child's new album?





What do you think ?

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