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February 12, we will attend the release of the film “Queen & Slim“. An American film directed by Melina Matsoukas, who is the artistic director of the clips “We found love"Of Rihanna or the most awarded music video in the history of music “Studies"Of Beyoncé. As for the main actors, they will be composed of Daniel Kaluya who has already starred in the horror film “Get Out”As well as the blockbuster“Black Panther“, We will also see Jodie Turner-Smith, young American actress in the role of “Queen".

Queen & Slim, described as the Bonnie & Clyde modern times, follows two African-American protagonists who are forced to flee after having killed a police officer in a case of self-defense during a check ... A film which recalls the many similar cases that have arrived in the United States where people black women were killed during a police check and which supports the movement Black Lives Matter.

The film, which was already released in the United States on November 27, gets very good reviews from people who have seen it, which makes you want to go see it even more when it is released in France, the February 12...
You can find the trailer for Queen & Slim directly on YouTube!





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