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The group from the city of 4000 (Courneuve, 93) is composed of 7 rappers at their beginnings. However the limbs separate as a result of the tube « O'Kartier C'est La Hess » who counts today over 85 million views.
We then find two groups: “4keus”From the Wati B label and 4Keus Gang of the Loudschool label. The first group brings together the singers Bné, Djeffi, HK and Tiakola while the second group: Peke, Leblack and Booska.

4keus which now has 1,23 million subscribers on their YouTube page continues to make us move and to ambience us with their titles " Paris La Nuit ”,“ Down, with Siboy ”, or even « Artist life » released on December 6 for their next album which will bear the same name. For this project we can already confirm the participation of Siboy but we also learned the contribution of Leto and Niska. Three of these four young rappers also participate in the compilation of the movement "CRCLR (C'est Rien C'est La Rue)" which released its project composed of several artists such as Liim's, L2B Gang, CG6 or even Brvmsoo and which was a real success.

4keus is now on their home stretch before the release of their album which as we said before will be titled " Artist life " and whose release is scheduled for January 3. Hopefully this project will allow them to intensify their success and increase their influence. These “brothers” will demonstrate to their competitors that they are coming in force and that they are ready to win everything. 



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