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Pink notebook! Singer Cassie gave birth to her first child on December 12, a little girl named “Frankie"!
Accompanied by her husband Alex Fine, the former athletic coach of Diddy, the singer's longtime ex-boyfriend, said “She's so different, Frankie Stone Fine, my BFF”.

A blessing that most of his fans see as a great lesson in life: After staying for 11 years in a relationship with rapper and producer Diddy, she finally decided to break up last year because he refused to marry and have other children. She had already released a song about it in 2008, titled “Official Girl".
Some time after this breakup, she meets Alex Fine, Diddy's former sports coach and announces a few months later that she is pregnant with him. They decide to seal their union last October and reveals it through some photos on Instagram.

Since her breakup, Cassie also wants to get her career back in hand and is actively working on her second album! She got out of many singles lately, like “Simple Things”, “Teach me” or even “Excuses” that you can find on all legal download platforms.

In the meantime, congratulations Cassie and Alex Fine on their little Frankie!



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