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Awa Imani, born in February 1987 is a French R&B singer that you surely must have known thanks to its track “Chocolat” featuring Lartiste! But Awa Imani is not limited to this title, on the contrary!
Awa Imani has been immersed in the artistic world since her childhood with a musician father and dance teacher as well as a mother actress, The young singer Senegalese origin et Guinean started out as a model child at the age of 3 and posed for brands like Benetton.
Passionate about music, she took the opportunity to go on tour with her parents who decided to enroll her at the Paris Conservatory to take piano lessons.

It was at 18 that Awa Imani finally decided to go to the studio and record her first songs by doing collaborations with rapper Disiz. But it is with the title “Celebration”Featuring the 113 and Jamel Debbouze that she is starting to make a real name for herself in the music industry. She still does a lot of other featuring, especially with the rapper Soprano but unfortunately after that, she disappears a little from the world of music but still realizes some titles.
She made her real comeback in 2014 with the titles “When you leave"And"All for him”Who find success on social networks as well as on YouTube. On the strength of these successes, she never gives up and decides to persevere by releasing many titles over the years such as “Bijou”Featuring with Rohff , "Not like the others"With DJ Erise et Fababy and get out “Queen Mother”A song in collaboration with rapper Amy for the promotional album of the film La cité rose.

But it was in 2017 that the singer met her greatest success, the famous title “Chocolat”In collaboration with rapper Lartiste. The song is broadcast throughout France and Awa Imani is recognized throughout the country. The clip now accounts for a total of 402 million views on Youtube, an impressive figure.
Following this hit, Awa Imani took the opportunity to release a new title “Pretty boy”Which also works well with 14 million views on Youtube.

After a slight break, she announces today her first album whose release is scheduled for 2020, entitled “Baby Doll".
With her career, Awa Imani shows us that even with a career strewn with pitfalls, that with perseverance and determination, success and success, regardless of the date: will always be there.


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