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Ndoumé Jonathan West: Portrait of a graphic genius.

A graduate in motion design at the ADMI institute (AFRICA DIGITAL MEDIA INSTITUTE), Jonathan has given himself all the means to make his passion his real job.

This young artist started drawing as soon as he was able to hold a pencil in his hands:
“Me, I started Graphics quite naturally. It all started with pencil drawing and I started quite young. At 4 years old to be precise ”.

The least we can say is that this genius combines Africanness and modernism in his art, which he himself called of afrofuturist : A reminder of the fictitious dimension of history.

Most often, young designers start out as employees in an agency specializing in the creation of websites or communication material. This is the case of Jonathan who, moreover, very enthusiastic and inspired, will develop his art from several years of experience in a company:
“My first great experience was the post of graphic designer in a communication agency that is THE PUBLICS. This is where my artistic career really begins […] I worked in parallel with a few advertising companies under the consultant's hat. I then joined a communication agency in which I did 3 months just before my departure for France ”

Today, this talented graphic designer is now fully involved in his art, and fully alive. A way for him to communicate his feelings. He does not fail to drop some advice to the youngest who wish to marry this profession.

“The advice I want to give to young graphic designers in the making is to explore or leave the comfort they are in and also push their creativity.”
He declares in his closing remarks.

Jonathan's works below:

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