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Beyoncé in Black Panther 2?

According to Sun magazine, the singer is about to sign a very important contract with Disney, “The studio has put forward a deal estimated at 80 million dollars (46.5 billion Fcfa) in order to secure the services Beyoncé for three big projects, including the Black Panther sequel ”.

Unfortunately for the public, if the singer has already lent her voice to Nala and could also "do voiceovers for some upcoming documentaries on Disney +", her participation in Black Panther 2 might not come on camera. Still according to the Sun, this possible collaboration with the new Marvel opus should be only musical, “The singer should appear on the soundtrack of the film”.

Disney for its part has not commented on the Beyoncé rumor.

Black Panther 2 is set to debut in May 2022.

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