Gims talks about his rap project for October!

After several weeks of preparation, Maître Gims will finally release his next album. What's more, he's 100% rap.

It was in a commentary on Jul's last album on social networks that he subtly slipped the big news. “Make a score like that when it's the 20th album… Monstrous. I'm not asking for more for my campaign in October ” he blurted out to internet users on the social network.

On Saturday July 4, Gims posted a video on Instagram: “The saddest thing I can imagine is getting used to luxury” he writes.

However, under the video caption, Gims slipped in a few hashtags: “#DDD #rendezvousenoctober #onvarapperunpeupourrigoler ”. We immediately imagine that the rapper is talking about his album “100% rap”.

What do you think ?

Written by JenJam

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