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Niska: “The world is mean”


  “The World is Wicked” new mixtape from the artist due out this November.

The world is mean. This is the name of Niska's next project, which announces the release of a new mixtape on November 5, 2021. Two singles, Early in the morningthen Mapess, announces the colors of this project. On the program, many collaborations, including Maes, Liim's, Mayo, Guy2Bezbar, 1Plik140, Hamza, Ninho, Madrane and Tiakola.

Great news for Niska fans, who have been waiting for the release of a new album since Mr Sal, released in 2019. “Sorry for the wait. We took our time, the gang will not be disappointed ”, writes the rapper on Twitter. In addition to these announcements, an eponymous single, thus baptized The world is mean, was released on all streaming listening platforms

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Written by Stephane TIA

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