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Temporary release for Tenor

On September 27, 2021, the Court of First Instance (TPI) of Douala-Bonanjo accepted the request for provisional release made by Tenor's lawyer, following the arrest of his client.


Accused of manslaughter on the young Erica Nfia, Ténor had until then been locked up in New-Bell prison. Although he survived the accident of July 15 that caused the death of this young woman, he did not escape unscathed. It is to allow the latter to go for a "rehabilitation for his broken arm".

The artist Tenor breathes temporarily on a new freedom. Called to the bar Monday, September 27, 2021, the Court of First Instance of Douala-Bonanjo has not delivered its verdict.


A news that did not please the family of the deceased, Erica at all. She did not hide her feelings during the hearing at the end of which the Tribunal's decision was made. This gave rise to particularly heated discussions.

« The provisional release of this artist is an injustice to the memory of Érica Nfiya Mouliom. Everything has been tied up so that the latter is free, from the beginning of the procedure: the defendant has never been questioned by the lawyers of the beneficiaries of the deceased… It is revolting »

, said the spokesperson for the Collective to support the tearful family, Alphonse Ayissi Abena.

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Written by Stephane TIA

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