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Jahshii the phenomenal

DESPITE COVID-19's influence on the entertainment industry, Jahshii real name Mluleki Tafari Clarke is making significant strides through songs like Cream of The Crop (with Navaz) and 25/8.

“I think I have grown tremendously over the past year. I grew up with the fans and right now I'm giving people what they want to hear ”the 21-year-old DJ said in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.


Cream of The Crop (produced by Active Music) has attracted over 3,7 million views on YouTube since its release two months ago, while 25/8 (produced by DJ Mac) has over 1,7 million views. views over the past month.


“I'm not surprised at the reaction from my fans and the way people gravitate towards my music. I put my heart in the music because mi nuh sing 'bout nuttin weh mi naw see or do. People are drawn to work and I am grateful ”, said the artist bred by Grants Pen.

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Written by Stephane TIA

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