Discover the Starlette exhibition presented in Paris

African and Caribbean youth gather in the 6th arrondissement of Paris around an exhibition called “Starlette!”. Whether you are fond of art or simple amateurs, this exhibition will be the perfect place to discover the talents of tomorrow.


This exhibition, showing a hybrid universe where SHANI DA FLAVA and La Cuillère cross their references in order to offer an ambiguous look at the figure of the femme fatale. STARLET! she is a plural person who stands at the crossroads of science fiction, detective films and the aesthetics of Rap and Hip-Hop of the 90s. She is simultaneously the detective, the culprit and the victim of an unsolved crime. Throughout the series, SHANI wears the finery of the three avatars of STARLETTE! The work on light is based on a practice of chiaroscuro and shadow play which develops the lights in all the richness of their nuance and their tone. The composition of the images and the camera angles are part of a radical and dynamic bias in order to imprint the intensity of the energy emanating from the STARLETTE within the frame of the image!


The 22 photographs will be presented at the Maison des Initiatives Etudiantes and are distinguished by 4 colorimetric movements where the dominant colors: astral blue, stellar orange, emerald and bright magenta are available in ten tones and shades. The light asserts itself in a double gesture: revealing and dissimulating, it is similar to the lamp and to the gaze of the detective in search of clues. Plus, it has a similarity to the intrusive, scrutinizing gaze of the paparazzi chasing their next scoop.


In the team, you will find Shani, Ninostarr, The spoon et Sky, who are the main protagonists. La Cuillère is behind the camera, Ciel takes care of the styling, Shani is the inspiration in front of the camera and Ninostarr describes reality through a fresco.


You can now see the exhibition at the MIE until February 2 at 76 bis rue de Rennes, Paris 75006 (Metro Saint Sulpice – Line 4).


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Written by Alec LEVILLAIN

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