Africa has an incredible talent as confirmed by "Injustice", the first feature film by Gabriel Agbahonou. Presented and applauded in preview at the Film Week Festival which took place in Niamey, the film which was written by Gabriel Agbahonou, Bellemida Agbidinoukoun and Zul Kifli Lawani conquered the public.

Injustice aptly describes the world of Isaac, manager of a household appliance store who sees his daily life collapse when his family finds itself in a showdown between a foreign businessman and the Mayor of the city of Cotonou.

Filmed mainly in Benin, then in Togo and France, this mixture of thriller and drama brings together all the ingredients (directing, photography, soundtrack, plot, acting, etc.) viewer from the first minutes.

“Sensational, breathtaking…” in Niamey on March 26 on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the 2nd edition of the International Film Week Film Festival, the public was full of praise. In the presence of the entire African cinema industry, from directors to local and international actors, local authorities and diplomats. Nearly five minutes of standing ovation for this thrilling film. Gabriel Agbahonou has achieved a masterstroke and at the same time breathed new energy into Niger, this country of well-established cinematographic culture. One thing is obvious, the Beninese 7th Art has once again been put into orbit thanks to the vision of a man who dreams very big.

Before its distribution in theaters around the world in the coming months, the next challenge of Gabriel and his team is a preview in his native country.

Carried by its extremely talented young technicians and its Pan-African and Western cast, Injustice is definitely a BOSS SIZE film.

Movie: Injustice

Director: Gabriel Agbahonou

Screenplay: Gabriel Agbahonou, Zul Kifli Lawani, Bellemida Agbidinoukoun

Cast: Gabriel Agbahonou
Akala Akambi,
Georgine Zinzou,
Adrian Guillot
Axel Elisha Quenum,
Gratien Zossou,

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